Our Story

Storkview Imaging was originated in Madisonville, KY, but recently moved to Murray, KY because of my husband’s job.  It is locally owned and operated. My name is Ashley Pharris and my husband is Skylar Pharris. I was a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse for 9 years and loved every second of my job. I witnessed the miracle of the birthing process daily over my 9 year career. 


The decision to venture out into the field of fetal scanning was very difficult for me. After much prayer, we decided the opportunity was too good to pass up. My husband and I have 2 healthy boys, Parker and Kipton. Unfortunately, we also had a stillbirth in between these two at 35 weeks with our son, and now angel, Brady James.  We received a 3D/4D ultrasound with all 3 of our boys and we immediately fell in love with the ultrasound service that was provided for us. There is nothing like seeing your baby in the womb in 3D and 4D. Although the pictures are very important and a great way to see what your precious child will look like, the time spent with our baby during the scan was the most important thing to us.  We always left wanting more time with our precious miracle, especially after losing our son Brady. The 3D/4D images of Brady are some of our only pictures of him, and they are perfect! Both of our scans were only 10-20 minutes in duration. This is what we are changing about our business. Instead of overbooking, scan fast, and see more patients, we will strive to make sure that you receive 30-40 quality minutes with your precious child every scan.  And if we cannot provide you with satisfactory pictures for whatever reason, we will book you again at your convenience free of charge. If we tell you the wrong gender for the early gender determination we will refund $30 with proof of birth certificate or give you $40 off a 4D package in the future.


This is also why we have changed the minimum viewing gestational age to 15 weeks. At 14 weeks, some babies are still undergoing changes and females can still look like males or vice-versa. We feel like at 15 weeks, we can provide you with a nearly 100% accurate service.  Please keep in mind that ultrasound is not perfect. Even hospitals miss genders at 20 weeks.


Our goal is to give you the best 2D/3D/4D viewing experience that we can, for the longest/safest amount of time so that you will be able to cherish these precious moments with your child before the birth. We want to provide you with this service as you were our family! We want to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming. And we will provide enough room for you to bring as many family members as you desire. We want to offer you the service that we have come to expect for our own personal scans.  Most importantly, we want to give you memories and pictures that will last forever.


Let us make these moments unforgettable for your family and let us share these moments with you! Come see us at Storkview Imaging where we will treat you like family! Satisfaction guaranteed!


God Bless,

 Skylar, Ashley, Parker, Kipton, and Angel Brady Pharris